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Avaaz gives voice to the outrage that Paul Wolfowitz is still President of the World Bank. Their colorful and well-organized demonstration in front of World Bank HQ on Wednesday attracted a small group of staffers. Their video shows that

standing along side Bank uniformed security were at least two INT staff members. One, looking quite fearsome and muscular, appears to be the stressed-out investigator who cussed out a perfect stranger in the cafeteria for the 'unamerican' act of wearing a blue ribbon. The other, in lobbyist wear, looks like one of Suzanne Fulsom's PR colleagues, brought with her from EXT to put out INT's message. Neither appears to have a camera as they stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, with Bank security guards.

One wonders why INT is not keeping a lower profile in The Current Situation. Their time might be better spent back at their desks finishing the report on Congo that has taken a surprising length of time to issue. Unless, of course, coming clean about how bad public financial management in Congo is might scare off the donors Paul Wolfowitz would like to join the Bank in ensuring the stability of that oil- and resource-rich country. Robin Cleveland has been to Kinshasa twice already in 2007.

Footnote on the protest and the handing over of Avaaz's petition callling for Paul Wolfowitz to leave: Miscommunication on both sides meant that the Bank initially didn't have someone there to receive a printout of what the organization had agreed would be sent electronically, but that the demonstrators had brought along in hard copy. Rest assured that the Bank's well-mannered civil society team received the paper version, thanked the representatives of global public opinion for coming along, and made sure the long list of signatories made its way to the right Board hands.

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