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Wolfowitz has nothing new to report but Bob Bennett seems to think otherwise. Steve Weisman reports in the IHT that Paul Wolfowitz and his unkempt (and expensive) spokesman have "worked up a point-by-point counterattack to the ethics charges against him."

That's what expensive lawyers hired to seize the news cycle do, of course. Bennett is hampered by not being able to leak Wolfowitz's paper, delivered in a flurry of activity to the Board around 6 Friday evening, because it refutes (sic) the ad hoc committee's latest deliverable, which has not been leaked.

(So much for the terrible unfairness his client suffers with the deluge of facts about the "the world apart" of Wolfowitz at the Bank as well as his behavior and that of his venal and incompetent inner circle.)

Maybe Bennett, and even Paul Wolfowitz, have now realized how distasteful US legal theatrics, "trial by spokesman on the sidewalk", is to the Board, to the Bank's owners, and to most Bank staff. Hope remains eternal among staff--that's their business, to help do difficult things in difficult places, after all--but everyone wishes it would end and he would go. Perusal of the Board's chronology of the ad hoc committee's work confirms that HR Vice President Xavier Coll has met several times with the committee, and offered new material. So has Pauline Ramprasad: as HR Manager for the executive offices and INT, she would have seen first hand the Regime's appointment practices and salary demands as they burrowed themselves in, surrounded by cronies from the Bush administration, various Republican bodies, and Shaha's friends. And like Xavier, she is about to retire, so she has nothing to lose by telling the truth.

Talk has now turned to who leaves with Paul Wolfowitz. A long list.

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